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Chains – Sterling Silver-18in 1.8mm


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Sometimes it makes sense to use a commercial chain with a pendant. I like using the Bead Chains with beadwork since they have the look of beads. There are 3 sizes of bead chain. The size refers to the size of the individual bead balls on the chain: 1.5mm (a bit larger than a 15 round seed bead); 1.8mm is slightly bigger and 2mm (similar in size to a size 11 round seed bead). The length of chain varies from 16 inches to 20 inches. There are 2 metals: Sterling Silver and gold filled. The chains are listed as to the available metal, length and bead size. They are priced according to each chain.

Sterling Silver
16 inch 1.5mm bead chain $14
18 inch 1.5mm bead chain $15
20 inch 1.5mm bead chain $17
18 inch 1.8mm bead chain $16
20 inch 1.8mm bead chain $18

Gold Filled
16 inch 1.5mm bead chain $18
18 inch 1.5mm bead chain $20
18 inch 2mm bead chain $24
20 inch 2mm bead chain $26

Sterling Silver 16 inch wire cable maintains it’s circular shape with light pendants. The cable is 1.5mm and consists of wire twisted into a cable. It has a twist lock mechanism to secure. It is easy to open and close. $25.00